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Tips for Couponers

Be considerate! When you go to the store with your bulging folio of coupons, at the very least be organized so that the cashier and the people behind you can at least have the comfort of knowing you’d planned ahead to make the checkout experience as fluid as possible.

Don’t be rude! I recognize that this is the same thing as “be considerate,” but now I mean, don’t antagonize the teller. We all know how much work you’ve put into cutting up your coupons, but if something doesn’t work, let it slide. It happens. Weigh the significance of a few cents or bucks.

Just a few tips from a bystander! Happy shopping! Score those deals!

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Latest Online Deals News

Daily Deal: Online discount for London Eye tickets, day or night
The London Eye offers a 10% discount for those who buy tickets online in advance of their spin on the giant observation wheel along the Thames River. Night owls can enjoy the views of London from the 443-foot tall wheel until 11:30 p.m. during expanded …
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On the Money: Wedding ring deals possible online
NEW YORK — It's wedding season. And the Internet can be a busy jewelry buyer's best friend, if you know what to look for. Engagement rings and wedding bands from online jewelers can cost more than 20 percent less, experts say. That's because you're …
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What exactly do you do with the coupon codes in order to use them at the grocery store?

Question by Tina: What exactly do you do with the coupon codes in order to use them at the grocery store?
I printed a bunch of “coupons” or so-I-thought, and it came out in codes and nothing to cut out and take to the store…What on earth do I do with them? Take them to the store and rattle off a bunch of codes when I’m checking out? I hope the people in back of me aren’t in any hurry if this is the case…

Best answer:

Answer by tiggermom45324
Printable coupons from sites like and look just like reg. coupons. They have a bar code and special markings. If you photo copy them, you will know. I am not sure where you printed from but codes only work online.

Give your answer to this question below!

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Now’s the Time to Score Summer Deals!

As you’re all making your summer to-do lists, now’s the time to be on the prowl for those special deals to get you out in the sun. With all the deals on LivingSocial and Groupon, there really is no reason for you to be paying full price on any summer activity, especially if you’re the type to score passes for the summer to all the must-attend events like baseball games, water parks, etc.

Your mission is to find the deal of the summer, come back and post a link here!