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Facebook Hits 100M Users In Africa, Half The Continent's Internet-Connected
The news suggests that if drones, satellites, and deals for free access from local carriers can spread the Internet to more people around the world in places like India and South America, a big percentage of them will become consistent Facebook users …
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Reclassify Internet providers for 'net neutrality': NY Times
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. regulators' new "net neutrality" rules should classify Internet providers more like public utilities to prevent them from potentially slowing users' access to some Web content, the New York Times said in an editorial in …
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Weekly Internet Notes: Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon
Last week Groupon launched time-based deals, thus adding another option to its ever growing deals marketplace. Customers can now buy these time-specific deals for restaurants and other similar establishments, and don't have to present a voucher as they …
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