The Best of Carey Price [HD]

Highlights of #31 Carey Price… Best Saves of Career. Song: Three Days Grace – The Good Life -Facebook:…

25 Responses

  1. BUCKSHOT705 says:

    I think he should switch back to Reebok he made a lot of sweet saves with
    Reebok I don’t like him in CCM he tends to slide and move slower any one
    else notice?

  2. Phillip Mastros says:

    I guess you could say the price is right.

  3. shadman shan says:

    What a boss.He did the splits 7th best goalie in my opinion.

  4. Derek Hansin says:

    By far the most overrated goalie in NHL history.

  5. ml k says:

    Price can make the difference if Habs are to sweep Tampa. I just hope the
    refs don’t cloud the game’s outcome. Habs are capable of winning on their

  6. Forster Buttery says:

    My favorite player hes had his bad years but I think he’s the best goalie
    in the NHL

  7. Mario Rallo says:
  8. The commentator says:

    Best goalie in the NHL.

  9. Jordan Bolduc says:

    I wonder if Price will wear #1 for the Olympic team like he did for the
    juniors and the Tri City Americans , He did so good with 1 kinda sucks that
    Montreal has so many retired numbers Jacques Plante deff deserves it tho .

  10. Jamie Allen says:

    jonathan bernier next

  11. Stephano Lalano says:

    I love the song dood

  12. Radek Siddall says:

    He is on the best team ever and one of the best goalies ever

  13. Dan Powell says:

    That reach around stick save was gold

  14. Zane Rolfsen says:

    Price is the BEST!!!

  15. andrew Disu says:

    make a jimmy Howard and u have my subscription

  16. nils4545 says:

    lol? 2:59

  17. Sky Skythekidrs says:

    Best goalie in the nhl

  18. Dudeson Plays says:

    My Favorite Player Ever :)

  19. mfChunky says:

    Favourite player by far.

  20. thetruthwillwinout says:

    I really Carey is on point tonight. Gotta take this one against the Kings

  21. Sara NotSara says:

    I love the saves he does with his stick off the ice. They all seem like
    those “last resort” saves when he thinks that its going to go in, yet he
    somehow stops them.

  22. Mikaël Narbonne says:

    What is the song…?

  23. dorfmageful says:

    Price + Subban = Best defense duo ever!

  24. mmclarke says:

    carey’s a boss

  25. mus1x says:

    How is he overrated? He’s one of the best in the NHL with a mediocre team.
    If Price had the Blackhawks, Kings or Bruins in front of him, his save
    percentage would be right up (as evident in his almost .97 save percentage
    from the olympics).