Who Knows You Best? Price vs. Budaj

Carey Price and Peter Budaj find out who knows the other better in this edition of “Who Knows You Best?”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ShadowDragoFoC says:

    So the Motrelel Dive team has a channel now?

  2. supercooled says:

    Haha I wonder if there’s any tension between these two. Price is a funny
    guy and Budaj is pretty laid back. I bet he regrets not being #1 since he
    was in Colorado. 

  3. Eric D says:


  4. Viraj Gandhi says:


  5. kevinvegh35 says:

    kind of an awkward conversation lol

  6. Zeyk Shade says:

    Loved the fist bump…

  7. MissBubbles says:

    Goalie love

  8. Zarcanciel says:

    Prices reaction when kreider knocked him out of the playoffs


  9. Tahren Jansen says:

    Looks like Price used to have gauges? Or am I just seeing things?

  10. zackeattack says:

    f you price

  11. Aaron J says:

    Budaj reminds me of kevin parker from Tame Impala

  12. Dominika Vojenčiaková says:


  13. shadman shan says:


  14. Canadiens de Montréal says:
  15. Joyce M says:

    I love you Carey <3

  16. louis troxler says:

    Props? Nope, Highfive

  17. Sub My New Channel -〉 says:

    luvin dat dubstep intro

  18. Olivia Newby says:

    That’s cracked me up

  19. imwillp says:

    0:16 “This is too heavy” – Carey

    Too much

  20. Duncan Chiu says:

    imagine henrik vs daniel sedin..too bad they’re Nucks and not Habs

  21. Simon Artymowycz says:

    Price sounds like Goldbloom

  22. AwesomeToobSauce says:

    I’ve always gotten the air that no matter how much Budaj tries to be
    friendly towards Price in these off-ice games, he always gets shut down

  23. Gav624Gaming says:

    Price and subban should do one together. 

  24. rochelle178 says:

    Well that wasn’t awkward at all!